Friday, July 30, 2010

7x7x7 begins

Welcome to 7x7!

This is a blog to encourage each other to create something everyday and to have fun with it. since there are 7 days, we ran with the number 7 as a theme. It is capped at 7 weeks so it doesn't seem endless, which can be daunting. but hopefully it'll be a springboard for everyone to keep creating.

For each week (total of 7), we will have a theme we will all base our creations from so we're not having to worry about what to create :) - and we still need 7 themes, so if you got ideas please share them here!
also, these are only guidelines, not rigid rules. the only "rule" is to have fun and be supportive of one another.

the creations (medium) can be anything you want. from paper napkin sketches to a movie to a soundtrack...anything.

with that said, let's get this blog started. It will start sunday August 1, 2010. and the first post should be up before monday 10:00am.

THEME 1: 7 deadly sins.

good luck to everyone and have fun!

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